Top 5 most wanted Malvazija

Croatia Malvazija, the pride of winemaking of our largest peninsula, Istria, from year to year, despite increasing competition, is gaining more and more fans.

In Croatia, and we mainly mean Istria, there are currently over 600 producers of this white variety (although in Italy in some regions black is also grown) characteristic of the Mediterranean, especially Istria.

The fact that for the first time this year, the festival of the best Malvazija in the world will be held proves how convinced the Istrians are of the quality of their Malvazija.

It is a big and significant step towards branding a variety that over time has become a solid foundation for the development of regional identity in the context of wine and winemaking.

The selection of quality Malvazija on the market has probably never been bigger than it is now.

Just like the competition, which is never more numerous.

The question arises, which of Malvazija to choose?

There are more and more fans of the variety, which is mostly dominated by notes of fruit, especially citrus fruits and Mediterranean herbs and spices, characteristic of Istria.

To make your decision easier, we have made a cross-section for you and created a list of the five best-selling Malvazijas that you simply must try.

Tomaz Malvazija Avangarde

croatia malvazija

Croatia Malvazija Avangarde is a wine obtained from vineyards located on the most famous hill in central Istria, Motovun.

The Motovun vineyards are indeed of a specific position, elevated and sunny, which ultimately gives the wine the aroma of acacia flowers and a mild, fruity aroma.

Of the mentioned fruits, Malvazija Avangarde is mostly characterized by notes of apple, plum and apricot.

The characteristic yellow color is interwoven with golden tones, which ultimately gave this wine the epithet of superior.

The wine goes well with traditional Istrian specialties, truffles, white fish and white meat in sauces based on Mediterranean herbs.

Tomaz Malvazija Avangarde is recommended to be served at a temperature of 10-12°C.

Rossi Malvazija

croatia malvazija

Crystal clear wine from the vineyards of the Rossi family will win you over at the first sip.

Rossi Croatia Malvazija is a top wine, which is confirmed by the international awards that this wine has won.

The wine is enriched with a greenish-yellow color.

The scent is dominated by fruity, citrus tones, typical of Malvazija. It is ripe in stainless steel, and stone fruits, such as plums and apricots, perfectly balance the taste of this premium wine.

Rossi Malvazija is an extremely light wine, with moderate acids and harmonies that will go well with seafood specialties and cheeses.

Rossi Malvazija is recommended to be served at a temperature of 10-12°C.

Kozlović Malvazija

Kozlović Croatia Malvazija is a wine with a pronounced fruity note.

The rich fruity aspect of this wine combined with dry Mediterranean spices and herbs creates an ideal balance.

Kozlović Malvazija is complemented by a gentle yellow color. Ripe fruits, oranges and apricots are expressed in the wine.

This is a dry wine that is full of freshness and goes well with seafood, risotto, pasta, chicken and vegetables.

Kozlović Malvazija is recommended to be served at a temperature of 10-12°C.

Benvenuti Malvazija

Benvenuti Malvazija is a classic Malvazija full of freshness and intensity.

Peaches and citrus fruits predominate in the wine with fruity notes.

Wine matured in stainless steel can be characterized as refreshing.

The clear greenish-yellow color typical of Malvazija will win you over at first.

It goes well with truffles, white fish and meat, and sauces based on herbs.

Benvenuti Malvazija is recommended to be served chilled at a temperature of 10 12°C.

Kabola Malvazija

croatia malvazija

Kabola Malvazija is one of those wines that will win you over with its extremely intense, but at the same time balanced taste.

Harmonious and drinkable, it exudes freshness and mineral taste.

It has a beautiful greenish-yellow color and crystal clear, typical of Malvazija.

Of the note characteristics, we single out the acacia flower and fresh apple.

Also, the scent of lime peel and mint leaves opens on the nose.

The wine is dry, warm and goes well with Istrian prosciutto, risotto with shrimp and various pastas with truffles.

Kabola Malvazija is recommended to be served chilled at a temperature of 8-10 °C.

Closing remarks

We believe we have convinced you – Malvazija is a wine that, if you haven’t yet, you should definitely try now.

Wines that are extremely drinkable, dry and harmonious are ideal for all occasions, especially since they go perfectly with food.

Starting with fish, shellfish, all the way to pasta and white meat.

They are characterized by a yellow, somewhat golden color that is truly specific.

Dominant notes of ripe fruit, apples, oranges and apricots are interwoven in each sip.

Malvazija is, from a market point of view, an unavoidable wine.

With its quality and tradition, it has been successfully segmented from the competition for years.

Accordingly, it is unavoidable on restaurant lists, and its popularity is growing.

The selection of quality Malvazija is growing from year to year.

Producers and users benefit from everything, but also Istria as a wine-growing region.

It is at the expense of Malvazija that Istria has established itself as the leading national wine brand.

With the promotion of Istrian gastronomy, the position of Malvazija, which was safe before, has now been further strengthened, so now Malvazija is poured all over our coast, but also in the rest of Croatia.

In Istria, Malvazija is inviolable, and all indications are that it will remain so in the times to come.

In conclusion, Malvazija is a top product, intended for true gourmets and wine lovers.

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